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Open water absorption machine

Open & vacuum suction machine SC-B-01

Open & vacuum suction machine SC-B-01

Open & vacuum suction machine SC-B-01
Open & vacuum suction machine SC-B-01
1.1.Mechanical Performance: SC-B open width machine developed for woven or polyester/cotton knitting fabric. Working principle: after rope fabric gets out of dyeing machine then goes through the SC-B opener, the padder’s rollers pressure away part of water, and then solve the twist by the detwister, after expansion by correcting while chasing side, and then dried by vacuum suction finally falling and folding.
2.Equipment advantages(reduce labor intensity, improve production efficiency)
1)Provincial people- just need 1 worker to operate the whole machine with automatic operation system;
2)Labor-saving-detwist, edge correction automatically, no manual operation;
3)Efficient- speed can reach 100m/min;
4)Provincial space-the cloth directly gets into the opening machine from the cylinder after dyeing, eliminates the dehydration of the cloth truck, thus greatly reducing the occupation of the space;
5)The whole machine adopts PLC touch screen control, with simple operation and steady performance;
6)While machine stainless steel manufacturing, rust prevention, corrosion resistance, clean and beautiful.
3.Technical parameters:
1)Model: SC-B
2)Power: less than 26kw/h
3)Air pressure:0.4mpa/㎡cm2
4)Width: 2200mm-2500mm
5)Shape size: 5m long *3m width*6.5m height
Open & vacuum suction machine SC-B-01 Device module
The small padder-mainly includes three parts of the cloth feed detection mechanism, pressure roller mechanism and a tension roller mechanism; cloth has too much water outing of the dyeing machine, there will be to much water dripping if go into the open width machine directly, affect the operation environment and operation experience, so we use the first padder roller to squeeze out part of the water, the detection mechanism to detect whether there’s a knotted cloth get into the small padder, tension roller mechanism mainly to maintain a constant tension between the small padder and host, keep the front and rear synchronization.
Passive untwisting head-passive twist mechanism mainly includes two parts of untwisting wheel and wheel detection; when the rope cloth gets into the untwisting mechanism, sensor detecting wheel will trigger the corresponding direction according to the direction of the cloth rope twist, the signal inductor given through the control center, data processing, control the direction of rotation of the wheel twist solution to achieve the purpose of untwisting. Suitable for open width machine, Open & vacuum suction machine .
Support frame-auxiliary detwist device, mainly for bracing detwisting and beating. A new twist frame using new structure, cancel the bulky structure of old shelves, dive the host weight while maintaining strength, this change makes the whole equipment more stable and reliable.
Ladder-to facilitate the maintenance of equipment to clean up, enhance the safety factor
The host-including beating mechanism, adjustable roller mechanism, centering mechanism, double driving roller mechanism, electric box and tension frame, the new host added foot table and bench, relieve fatigue in the operation of the equipment operator, increase work efficiency. Beating : it is the rotation structure, the two sides with the cylinder to push and pull, when the device is in the function of the slitting, the beating will be push up, when the device is in the open function to push the beating down. Adjustable roller mechanism: used for opening, adjust the angle according to the different cloth. The centering mechanism: keep the cloth around the balance distance. Double drive roller: main drive. Tension rack: keep stable tension between the front and rear drive cloth roller
Vacuum suction machine-the economical machine for the fabric that below 400g thin high-density fiber cloth with vacuum suction. Including water circulation type vacuum pump, gas/ water separator, a circulating water tank and a suction nozzle; when working, the water circulation type vacuum pump makes huge sub-at mospheric pressure, the wet fabric goes by suction nozzle, water vapor goes through the pipeline and water will be sucted by sub-atmospheric pressure from suction nozzle, cloth after suction nozzle, water by negative pressure suction nozzle, water vapor goes through the pipeline, the gas water separator to vacuum pump discharge; general normal negative pressure from -30 to -35KPa.
Folding-falling and folding the fabric into the cloth vehicle after finishing absorbent. Including the main drive and swing roller mechanism; the main drive transmit the power to the swing roller mechanism through the chain transmission mechanism, to realize the swing back and forth. The cloth surface enters the cloth vehicle to maintain the smooth state.
Open water absorption schematic
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